Senior Citizens Center

The Carlisle County Senior Citizens Center offers a variety of services and activities in the community. Generally, the only qualification for these services is that you be over 60 years of age. Individual programs or services may require additional information but no unnecessary information will ever be collected by the Center staff. Please call us if you have any questions.

Jackie Beggs, Director
261 Front Street
Bardwell, KY 42023

Phone: (270) 628-5474
Fax: (270) 628-5475

Services Offered


Lunch at the Center is served on Monday - Friday 11 am – 12 pm. Call us no later than 9:30 am that day if you plan to eat lunch.

Telephone Reassurance

Telephone reassurance to homebound to be sure everything is okay – done once a day, Monday through Friday.

Meals on Wheels

Lunch is delivered to many Carlisle County shut-ins. This program requires a check by a social worker of the home situation and ability of the individual(s) in the home. Requestors may be placed on a waiting list for a period of time before service actually begins.

Information and Assistance

Don’t know where to obtain something or where something is located? Call the Center and we will do all we can to obtain a phone number or office that can assist you.

Legal Assistance

Periodically the Center has an attorney visit to aid people in establishing wills or to answer other legal questions. Call for an appointment.

Food Bank

The Center distributes CSFP and TEFAP Commodities under the USDA Food Bank program each month. Normally, this is done the 4th Monday of each month. Call to confirm the date.

Health Promotion

The Center provides health education, exercise, and screenings

Activities and Events

The Activities Director schedules bands, card playing, and other activities to be held at the Center several times a month. Call to find out when these are planned, pick up a calendar at the Center, or view a calendar in our local newspaper. ​​

Senior Citizens Center